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Minraa, 14 Mei 22:56
hello it's minraa
hi people it's minraa here. nice chatting with all the bugs. nice to meet you marlies,elleke,barfly,and zwart. I like my bug a lot! bye bye from toronto!

Linnaeus, 14 Mei 22:57

Barfly, 14 Mei 23:09
a very nice bug
that charlie charlied you there! welcome! charlie heeft u een heel mooi insect gecharlied! welkom

gillis, 14 Mei 23:12
minraa, i'm real sorry i missed u! hope to meet u soon...

Marlies, 14 Mei 23:17
pleased to be there
at the time of your birth as a bug. your bug is a symbol for things like tolerance and resistance to violence.be welcome minraa.

Vrolijkstipje, 15 Mei 08:02
what a nice thing are you.

Dawn, 15 Mei 12:13
Welcome new bug, I like your bug outfit. ''Minraa'' what a beautiful name.

Barfly, 15 Mei 12:26
nice to see you on the dutch side!