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take a walk

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Ster, 14 Sep 23:31
you can take anything
''There is a story that when the Dalai Lama was asked if you could use drugs to attain enlightenment, he said, ''I sure hope so''. And when Zen Master Seung Sahn was asked what he thought about using drugs to help in the quest for self-knowledge he said: ''Yes, there are special medicines which, if taken with the proper attitude, can facilitate self-realization''. Then he added: ''But if you have the proper attitude, you can take anything - take a walk, or a bath.'' (Tricyle)

Emmepem, 14 Sep 23:54
Zelfde effect als die mop van laatst.
Hier ga ik ook van grijnzen... Snap alleen dat tricyle niet.

Ster, 15 Sep 00:12
Is een Boeddhisties tijdschrift Em ...

Ster, 15 Sep 00:22
Where is Buddha?

Emmepem, 15 Sep 00:38
Heel erg inter(n)esting
Ster, ...ben er nog niet over uit of ik je hiervoor nou zal bedanken of niet... Nou ja, bedankt voor de moeite anyway.