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Glassgirl, 11 Mrt 02:19
Another American Woman Heard From
I too am amazed at the hatered and ignorance from some of the people on this site. I am first generation American with family from Germany. America is a unique country with roots from all over the world. Not one American, with the exception of the American Indian, can point fingers and say hateful things about people from another country without saying something about someone that they live next to. If you do not like the way the world is and how we live as humankind, perhaps it is time for you to help it change

Beejj, 11 Mrt 05:13
that was a very nice thing to say....and so true...can't we all work together to make the world a better place

Beefiftytwo, 11 Mrt 07:50
What makes me sick
is when i hear Americans sing about the glory of their nation... They stole the land from the reds en built their nation on the back of the black slaves... Their companys are still gettin' rich by exploitin' the people in the so-called third world... Whenever someone tried to make some changes, their were killed (Lincoln, Kennedy, King...) I don't say we Europeans are doin' any better, we're all a bunch of scumbags...

Ironmaiden, 11 Mrt 07:55
''The white man came across the sea, he brought us pain and misery'' [Iron Maiden, Run to the hills]... It's a song about the American natives, but you can use it all over the world...

Selina, 11 Mrt 10:39
A good Idea?
I am Dutch,born and lived in Indonesia and spent years in different countries like Africa,Middle East, USA, Colombia, Caribean and now Europe. All this pointing at who was or is wrong or bad is silly when you learn there about their past or present.None of them has clean hands. The Africans sold their own people as slaves. We Dutch bought them you can go on and on. Shouting loud that the Americans are bad. means to say WE ARE GOOD. An arrogant attitude better stop that.

Iii, 11 Mrt 16:57
I agree with Selina
pointing fingers here sure does not do anything but offend people whom you might otherwise actually like and what's worse: your point is not taken.

Snuiter, 11 Mrt 17:38
Iii & Selina
Hier worden geen vingers gewezen... '' I don't say we Europeans are doin' any better, we're all a bunch of scumbags''.... Het gaat erom dat de blanken altijd en overal miserie hebben ge´mporteerd... En er altijd vet profijt hebben uitgetrokken...

Selina, 11 Mrt 18:32
Nu wijs je naar de blanken. Ook de niet-blanken hebben misery gebracht. Onder hun eigen mensen.